A new art organization, SPAACES, in Sarasota, FL, is recruiting board members who believe in our vision. SPAACES is an innovative and fast growing non-profit which gives much needed support to our under-recognized Sarasota artists. SPAACES aims to provide affordable studio space, infrastructure, and community to enable the highest level of artistic creativity, development, and collaboration for the most promising Sarasota talent.

One of the critical elements to our success is the provision of affordable art studios. Through our market research, we have determined that this type of artist support does not currently exist in Sarasota. This is a great opportunity for board members to be on the ground floor of an exciting new art organization and to pride to themselves with having the ability to stand out as a leader in this area.

SPAACES is fiscally sponsored and in the process of becoming a non-profit, therefore, we expect policies and bylaws to be amendable as we move forward. We are presently establishing branding, business and marketing plans. We are also developing a strong board of professionals and philanthropic individual who can provide us with sound business direction, bringing fresh ideas and solid leadership to the organization.

The main purpose of the board at this early stage of our development is to cultivate financial support. We are searching for new board members who will be active and self-initiating in fundraising and campaigning by bringing in donors and cultivating relationships with those donors. Board members are expected to provide a yearly donation at their discretion to SPAACES.

This new Board of Directors will help lead SPAACES into a successful future. With that in mind, we are extending invitations to join our Executive Board of Directors. The Board will meet quarterly and on special occasions, when the company requires immediate decisions on unique issues. This a voluntary position.

If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me directly at 941-374-3492 or write

What is Fiscal Sponsorship?


>  Legal agreement with a 501(c)(3). >  Open the door to more fundraising opportunities. >  Contributions are paid to sponsor and held in restricted fund >  Eliminate the barrier of applying for 501(c)(3) status.

  Fiscal Sponsorship is a formal arrangement in which a 501(c)(3) public charity sponsors a project that lacks exempt status. This is an alternative to starting a nonprofit which allows M. Chapel Projects to seek grants and solicit tax-deductible donations under the sponsor’s exempt status. Fractured Atlas is the country’s largest arts fiscal sponsor. They work with thousands of artists and arts organizations to provide education and support for raising funds. Fractured Atlas empowers artists, arts organizations, and other cultural sector stakeholders by eliminating practical barriers to artistic expression, so as to foster a more agile and resilient cultural ecosystem.