SPAACES Kick Off Party & Exhibition

Opening Night Exhibition: March 1, 2019 | 5-9pm
Gallery Hours: Monday & Tuesdays, March 4-31 | 10-4pm
And by appointment.

Artworks on View in SPAACES Main Gallery

SPAACES Opens STUDIO ONE with 3 Art Studios

Artworks on View in the New STUDIO ONE Gallery

Crowdfunding Campaign March 1-31, 2019  

M. Chapel Projects is excited to announce a Kick Off Party celebrating its official rebranding to SPAACES, the beginning of its campaign as a non-profit modeled organization, and the opening of two solo art exhibitions by local Sarasota artists. The Kick Off Party, a multi-tiered event, will include the release of the new campaign’s crowdfunding video, the build-out of 3 brand new and available artist studios and gallery, and solo art exhibitions by Claudia Ryan in the original SPAACES gallery, and by Marianne Chapel in the new Studio One Gallery.

Passionate about forming inspiring creative spaces for artists, Marianne Chapel, a local artist and art instructor at Ringling College of Art & Design, founded SPAACES in 2018. Since then she has been working diligently on the evolution of SPAACES as a unique artistic microcosm, fulfilling the need to provide artists with a world to call their own.

“Art studios and communities are essential to the artist’s life.” say’s Chapel “The sharing of ideas, the environment of self-discipline, the professional work habits, and the time and place for creativity are crucial to an artist.”

There is now such a place! SPAACES offers affordable art studios, collaborative workstations, and a gallery-setting exhibition space in the downtown area of Sarasota, Florida.

Truly Valued: Who Am I?

January 2019

Truly Valued: Who Am I? was a community engaged art project carried out throughout a two-month period. The project included eight girls, ages thirteen to sixteen from the Sarasota / Bradenton area who worked together to create art around the topics of confidence and identity.

Artist and gallery founder, Marianne Chapel and the Executive Director of the nonprofit Truly Valued, Shavonne Simon, collaborated to provide a temporary art studio workshop for the teenage girls. The artworks included large two and three-dimensional pieces, made independently by each girl, with no instruction, and a large collaborative sculptural piece made by Chapel and all eight girls together.


Le Salon Tout Inclus: The All Inclusive Exhibition

November 2018

Inspired by the Andrew Edlin Gallery’s exhibition, “Et Tu, Art Brute?”in New York. The multi-tier, multi-media exhibition featured 66 local and regional artists of varying experience and medium. It celebrated a mix of outsider and professional art, endorsing equality, inclusivity and affordability in the context of contemporary art.


Evolving Revolving

April 2018 

  • Elizabeth Sher

Making Place

April 2018 

  • Curator, Sarah Viviana Valdez
  • Kieran Castano
  • Jesica Glas
  • John Dillard
  • Erin Hart
  • Ava Zelkowitz
  • Andrea Soldner

On Water

February 2018

  • Bernd Haussmann

Something to Have

January 2018

  • Brittany Watkins

The World Within

December 2017 

  • Dee Hood
  • Dolores Coe
  • Meg Pierce
  • Marie Yoho Dorsey

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t

November 2017 

  • Selina Roman
  • Noelle McCleef
  • Karen Arango

Organic Geometry 

March 2017 

  • Marianne Chapel
  • Laine Nixon
  • Cynthia Mason
  • Jill Taffet